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If you have any comments or suggestions or to just contact the site CLICK HERE. is a web site that was originally created as a fan-site for the band God Lives Underwater. While the band is no more it’s memory has a special place to the many fans that came to enjoy them over the years. will continue as a fan site and archive for the band and hopefully a platform for future music lovers to learn more about and enjoy GLU themselves.

If you have any info that would be a good addition to the site, like articles, tour dates, timeline, anything really, please contact us here. The success of sites like this is due in most part to the input and contribution of fans like you.

Feel free to stop by the forums to get to know everyone.

Drowning In Air – a fan organized and created tribute to God Lives Underwater is now available.   You can learn more about this tribute album in the following forum post. [url here]

Quotes from the post below:

8.00$ plus S&H. Purchase it here:
click the rotate case button to check out what it looks like.

Drowning In Air - God Lives Underwater Tribute Album

Drowning In Air - God Lives Underwater Tribute Album

Drowning In Air - God Lives Underwater Tribute Album

Drowning In Air - God Lives Underwater Tribute Album

David Reilly - How Humans R(x)UPDATE: The physical copies of David’s final album are now sold out!  Digital release of his tracks is planned in the coming months. So please stay tuned for how to get the digital tracks if you’re still interested in picking How Humans R(x) up.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. If you poke around a bit in the forums you may find a way to get a hard copy of the David Reilly How Humans Rx album but there are not many copies so no guarantees.  The digital release is coming soon.

Enjoy a live video of Dress Rehearsal For Reproduction below.

Regular poster tommy66909 posted up some rare and previously unseen (at least by the masses) god lives underwater pics. Including some from back in the touring days with Korn. [forum thread] Click on the photos below for the larger versions. Thanks for sharing tommy!

If anyone else has glu photos that we are missing from the site, please post them to the forums or you can also contact us.

A page has been added to the site to keep the current info on the David Reilly – How Humans R(x) in a single place. You can find that page HERE.