Welcome! - Enjoyglu.com was the "official" fan site of God Lives Underwater back in the day. Even though the band no longer exists we keep the site going as an archive of GLU information for those who are just discovering the band and want to learn more.

The Basics

God Lives Underwater was an electronic/techo rock band formed by David Reilly and Jeff Turzo in 1993. (Perkiomenville, PA) Their final show was in 2000 and final album released in 2004.

Touring Members

Jeff Turzo, David Reilly, Andrew McGee, Adam Kary, Scott Garrett

The Albums

The band released 4 albums.
(1 ep length - 3 full length)

  • God Lives Underwater EP
  • Empty
  • Life in the So-Called Space Age
  • Up Off The Floor

There is a lot more music to be found besides these albums. Remixes, Soundtracks, Jeff and Dave's other projects, etc.. Check out the Discography for all the details.

Dig Deeper

The majority of GLU information is divided up into our site sections below. Enjoy!