6 thoughts on “David Reilly – How Humans R(x) – Sold Out

  1. Holy shit…I had been waiting for this since I heard about the plan to release it several years ago when I spoke with Dave Sherman. I lost track of what was happening and I literally, right now saw that the hard copies sold out three weeks ago. After waiting over four years for this, I can’t describe how heartbroken I am. I would give anything to have a copy of this release because of the sentimental value it embodies and what it represents to me and the influence David had on so many of us. I can’t believe I missed it…

  2. Where can I buy a copy of David Reilly “How Humans RX” or any of his solo material? I’m a big God Lives Underwater fan and think they are top 5 most underrated bands of all time.

  3. Itunes/amazon or I can burn a disc with a ton of mp3s. Let me know.

    I want a hard copy of HHR(x) too. Ill trade an autographed copy of his Inside EP if anyone has one!!

  4. Very interested in getting David’s last album How Humans R(x),if you got one for sell,however,I would prefer proceeds going directly to his family,friends,or old group GLU…

  5. I would love to get a copy if someone could please help out – I’ll pay. I saw GLU live; talked to David for an hour or so in the parking lot after, and now I’ve been listening to the youtube.com upload for days. It’s truly some of the best music in this era of unoriginal crap we are currently calling ‘music’.

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