An Update!

Been a while since any updates on the site but we’re still here!

We’ve just finished updating the template of the main site.┬áThis should make it much more friendly to mobile devices of different screen sizes. There may be some broken parts of the site so if you run into anything please let us know.

Here’s some neat things that have been posted in the forums over the last few months.

Live Video of Try

Brian’s ‘Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts’ trailer

3 thoughts on “An Update!

  1. I just want to say that 1) I’m so glad you kept open communication even though your amazing project disbanded and 2) I’ve been listening to your music since I got a promo cassette at a club in God knows where in NJ or NYC back in the early 90’s-the blue cassette with the praying mantis on it-and that turned me on to you guys and I am 41 now and still have “Empty” and “Life in the So-Called Space Age” on my iPod and I played your stuff not only for my own time-machine feel-good experience but also for my daughters to show them how Electronica rocked back in our day-I just wanted you guys to know you still have one of many die-hard fans and every time I blast your shit in my car I wonder what happened and what you are doing now. I have much more to say but can’t think of words except you still rock my mind 20 years later-and I am (was) a pretty hot music snob bass-playing riot grrl back in my day haha.
    Keep rockin at whatever you are doing now and know that I am still listening, appreciating and sharing your musical genius

    Warm Regards,

  2. I echo Amy’s sentiments above (nearly 4 years later lol)

    GLU was a LONG-time favorite of mine. First heard “No More Love” on the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack, then I found a promo-only EP (with the hole punch) in the cut-out bin of a record store near NC State (where I was going to school).

    I got to see them open for KMFDM at the Ritz in Raleigh in 1995. Epic show, they had big shoes to fill and pulled it off. That whole show changed my idea of what a live electronic band could be.

    My music continues to be inspired by them to this day. Thanks for keeping this tribute alive…

  3. Just now found this, super cool. Still have my Empty cd, was just listening to rearrange right now. It was good music, glad I found it and this site

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