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This is an archive of online GLU articles and interviews. Articles are copied locally so when sites “go away” we still have the info. Appropriate credits will remain on the articles.

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2006-09-08Exclusive Jeff Turzo Interview
2005-01-15ReGenMagazine - An interview with David Reilly of God Lives Underwater
2004 - Up Off The Floor Review - Up Off The Floor Review - Up Off The Floor Review - Up Off The Floor Review - Up Off The Floor Review - God Lives Underwater surfaces again - David Reilly Interview - God Lives Underwater Rise Up Off The Floor - Up Off The Floor Review - An Interview with David Reilly
2001 - Litscsa Review
2000-07-10Business Wire - Acquires Rights to 1500 Records
2000-09-00Keyboard Mag - Jeff Turzo Apogee Ad
2000-12-10Newsbytes News - Portal Has Left The Building
1999-00-00Section3 - David Reilly Interview
1999-09-24PR Newswire - Good Year for GLU's Jeff Turzo
1998-00-00Electronic Music - Litscsa Review
1998-03-20Tulane Arcade - God Lives In Your CD Player - God Lives Underwater Has Appetite For Success
1998-04-00Ink19 - Jeff Turzo Interview
1998-04-14Varsity Arts and Culture - God Lives Underwater resurface
1998-05-00AMZ Musiczine - Litscsa Review
1998-05-00In Music We Trust - Litscsa Review - God Lives Underwater On Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode Projects
1998-05-21God Lives Underwater takes off for 'Life in the So-Called Space Age' on new album
1998-06-19God Lives Underwater Push Songs To The Surface - VH1
1998-08-05'Tribute for the Masses' Review - Sean Eric McGill
1998-08-07Zach's Trax - God Lives Underwater in Depeche Mode
1998-09-00God Lives Underwater - Mercer Arena, Seattle
1995-10-15'Empty' Review - Jamie Roberts