God Lives Underwater Has Appetite For Success

God Lives Underwater Has Appetite For Success


God Lives Underwater MTV Interview

Electronic duo God Lives Underwater has an eye-catching and stomach-turning new video for “From Your Mouth,” the first single from its new album, “Life in the So-Called Space Age.”

The clip features world hot-dog eating champ Hirofumi Nakajima from Japan stuffing his face with all sorts of food, the footage of which Roman Coppola — son of “Apocalypse Now” director Francis Ford Coppola — runs backwards for some dizzying effects.

“I think Roman read an article in the paper about him,” the band’s Jeff Turzo said, “like a little ‘USA Today’ blurb, and that’s where he got the idea for the video, you know. I guess we could have gotten, there could’ve been a few people that could’ve done the video, but we had to have him, because he’s the champ” .

“We can both eat as much as that guy,” bandmate David Reilly added, “but he looks cooler eating than we do. He knows what he’s doing.”

The video was shot in six takes, which meant that Nakajima ate all the food pictured in the video six times in a row. Yikes.

God Lives Underwater will play New York City on April 9 before joining Rancid, the Specials and Blink 182 for the final date of the Big Air Tour on April 25 at Mount Hood, Oregon.

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