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God Lives Underwater - David Reilly And Jeff Turzo

interviewed by: louis . tanguay

GLU’s [god lives underwater] name means absolutely nothing. It was thought up by singer/songwriter David Reilly, because his partner Jeff had a band called “Glu.” It was also inspired by an educational television special on Atlantis and the magnetism of the Earth. David wanted to figure out words that could go into the word “Glu.” God Lives Underwater. There you go. GLU was poised to be one of the most popular groups this year when their latest album, Life in the So-Called Space Age came out, but the public just wasn’t ready for it, yet. Maybe if I leave this interview up, and GLU continue to work hard and tour that a few people might wise up and start the push for some GLU. Until then, here’s my interview with David Reilly of God Lives Underwater.

If you could acquire a characteristic of one particular animal, what would it be?

Me and Jeff are both into reptiles. I like the Bearded Dragon, because I like their demeanor. They’re really cool and they look neat. They’re just fun.

So, you want to chill like Bearded Dragon?

Yeah. I like the way they just hang out. They’re really cool pets. They look pretty scary, but they’re not.

What new invention do you think should become reality?

Um…well I think they should stop criminalizing people who have chemical dependencies, and I wish there was a way to keep people from having chemical dependencies. Also, it would be cool if at the time you would get killed, like say you get killed in a violent and bloody way, you know, like get hit by a car or a bus or something like that, if there was a way to speed up the recording process of an instrument, say like a camera or an audio recorder, so fast that the engine controlling the record head could go back in time, and then you can predict things…that way we can prevent accidents to people that you love.

But if it was going to report something, then it would actually have to record it. If the motor spun really fast, then it still wouldn’t record anything, because the accident didn’t happen yet, so there would be nothing exposed.

But how do you know that?

Because of the chemical process of film. The way it works.

Mechanicals of film are one thing, but there’s no processing involved in a digital medium. It’s just assignation of 1’s and 0’s. Then it’s encrypted or whatever. No one would ever know this. There’s never a way to prove thiss, but I would say that if there’s a delay between when something occurs and when it is recorded. Even if it might not be audible, or visual that you can notice, there’s got to be a way to make a recording in better than real-time. If you could do that, than there has to be a way to record it. When the record medium can get assigned to it’s duty quicker than the action occurs.

So it would then have to psycho-kinetic in some way to know the actions of everyone around it, and to know what they’re going to do, since there’s nothing to record if the action didn’t occur yet.

See, I don’t think it has to know anything. I think it’s all just a physical thing, because if you press the “record” button on a cassette deck, because even when you say something into it, there’s a delay between the tape head and the tape going across. I think that there’s gotta be a way the distance can be reduced to a negative amount of space.

So then you believe that all things are predictable.

For shure. That’s what I think people who predict things do. Maybe not necessarily that they have sped-up consciousness, but that they have a system of weights and measures where they can predict things by chances. They way you would bet on a horse, and some people are extremely good at it. So it’s not like they knew what numbers would win the lottery, but they’re like a human computer. They can out-weight the pluses and minuses and chances.

Do you believe in aliens?

iI don’t know. A lot of people who consider themselves (intellectuals) are pretty much on the same level as I am on this. It’s like, “I guess.” The way I feel is that most of this space ship nonsense that people say they see, for how long do you think people were seeing alien aircraft before they found out about the B-2 bomber? How long do you think the B-2 bomber was just flying around before the government wanted anyone to know about it. And why didn’t we find out about the cloned sheep until it was an adult? The way I see it, is that all of these “interactions” that we’ve had, or “sightings,” can pretty much be explained to us by our own government in the next ten years. The fact is that if we knoew about all the technology there was, we wouldn’t be able to kill Saddam Hussein. So we gotta bust out the technology.

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