Decoymusic – David Reilly Interview
David Reilly of God Lives Underwater by Adam Roncaglione

Hey David, thanks for taking the time,and thanks for being persistant enough to ensure the release of this masterpiece of an album “Up Off The Floor.” As a die hard and long time fan (since 1996) it’s an honor to talk to you! Here goes nothing:

1. So Up Off The Floor has been sitting on a shelf for over 3 years? Whats that like…how do you keep being motivated knowing this wonderful piece of art is just in limbo?

Well, now that its not in limbo I’m happy about the release. But if anything, while it was tied up in legal turmoil, my addiction got to the homeless point. Plus, Jeff Turzo (other half of GLU) got married, and we both also began solo projects.

2. What exactly happened with 1500 and the whole fiasco? I never read a straight story?

Well, 1500 was my manger’s label thru A & M Record, then there was a merger and we got put on Interscope, and then we amicably left due to differences. After that it bounced around a little, acutally a lot, in bankruptcy due to the internet bubble bursting via a company called Riffage (once a big internet conglomerate) who did a deal with 1500 Records, then Riffage went under… but, now it’s finally coming out.

3. If this album is successful, is there any chance of God Lives resuming?

We are just on hiatus. It’s possible, but we agreed we will only go back out touring if we can get the support to put on a really involving show. As for Jeff and I making another GLU record, that is also depending on this release. Jeff and I are going to be working on my solo record at some point anyway.

4. What have you been doing for the last 3 years or so? I know you recorded the solo ep (which is amazing) but what has has occupied your time?

This last year i occupied my time my getting clean, and maintaining it, and making music again. The other years were just awful. I went to jail, I bounced from facillity to facillity, and eventually just stopped making music altogether.

5. Are you sicked by the industry? Or do you still feel music will always be your life?

Music will always be my life. If it’s gonna support me, who knows. I have to make music. It’s like breatthing or eating to me

6. God Lives Underwater really was a sorta cult hit. Today on many message boards and such you guys are widely renowned and respected, How does that make you feel and do you get that vibe?

It makes me feel great that now some people are strting to give us respect for basically starting a sound and movement that became way bigger than we could have imagined. Like, Linkin Park. Nuff said. I love some of their stuff, and I am glad there’s people doin it.

7. So whats next? A tour? More recording? Will you be promoting the album? Gimme an idea of what your gonna be doing in the next 6-12 months?

I will be doing remixes, producing, putting out a full length solo record, and touring.

8. What ever happened to the Fluzee project?

I loved that Ep, but after it’s release it all just sorta died.the band died.i was a wreck, and eventually the whole band had serious problems.those songs, well a few, will be on my solo record.

9. Who in music today do you really respect? Are there some artist or bands that you really love and have ad! miration for?

I love My Chemical Romance. I think that they are going to be the first “stars” of their movement. I like Snow Patrol, Polyphonic Spree, too much to mention

10. What records are you currently spinning?

See the above answer.

11. Who are some unknown artists that we need to look into ?

David Reilly, Everything Ends– those are the only two unknown artists i can think of.

12. Do you think you missed on on something with the album being delayed so long? Maybe you missed a boat or it caused everything to change forever?

Yes, I think GLU would have continued to gain fans, and maybe would have become a more successful alt-rock band quicker.

13. Do you care how sucessful the album is or is this more for personal gradification? Like are album sales and rave reviews important to you?

I dont care if people like it or dont like it, but i love that vindicated feeling i get when someone says, “i hate to admit it, but i love this record.” Most people seem to be saying they like it, though.

14. What will be the sucess meter for thi! s do you think?

Too early to tell

15. Are there any artists that you would like to work with in the future?

See above mentioned.

16. Tell me what the best 5 movies of all time are?

Big Fish, Rushmore, Groundhog Day, Goodfellas, every M.Night Shyamalan movie.

17. Well I certainly hope this album sells a million copies and spurs on many more God Lives Albums. You guys are one of my favorite bands of all time and I am so thrilled this is finally happening. Please give me some last words of hope!

Last words of hope: Don’t let life ruin your life. I will keep making records for 1 fan or a million in hopes of telling them how life ruins me.

-Adam Roncaglione

Original Date: 2004-08-00
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