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God Lives Underwater - Up Off The Floor
By Greg Howell

God Lives Underwater’s first album since 98’s, “Life in the So-Called Space Age, has been long awaited and unfortunately for fans, it disappoints. Granted that in the 6 years that it took this album to get out, the band has faced numerous obstacles like their record company going out of business and a band-breakup that seemed to have left this album as an afterthought. It feels hastily produced without the fans in mind.

Founded in 1993, by Jeff Turzo and David Reilly, God Lives Underwater were quickly signed by Rick Rubin, who was then with American Recordings. Later in 1995, they released both an ep and their debut album, “Empty.” This was followed by the previously mentioned, “Life in the So-Called Space Age.

There could have been more added to this record, like GLU’s cover of David Bowie’s, “Fame.” Instead a record of what could have been pretty decent songs, came out sounding muddy and uninterested.

There are some fairly good songs however. “No Way (You Must Understand)”, the singer regrets trusting in someone who has repeatedly hurt him before. It comes off sounding like a Metallica laced with Nine Inch Nails track.

“Miss You More Than Anything” is another bright spot on the album. The singer challenges the subject, “I’ll take whatever you got.”

The only other song that I could really take enough redeeming quality from  was “Whatever You’ve Got”. It actually gave me a feel of the Deftones during the intro. Although not as lyrically sound as some of the other songs, it is able to hold it’s own.

“Up Off the Floor” comes off as sounding flat and rushed and a disappointment to the fans. It’s unfortunate coming from a band that at one time had showed promise.

Original Date: 2004-00-00
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