Sonicrampage – UOTF Review


Reviewed by: Meg Enos

Artist: God Lives Underwater
Album: Up Off The Floor
Genre: Alternative Industrial

Artist History:

God Lives Underwater members David Reilly and Jeff Turzo grew up in Pennsylvania and began creating music together in high school. They released their self-titled EP in 1995 after producer Rick Rubin discovered some of their demos. The band released their first full length album “Empty” on Rubin’s label before switching to A&M Records to release “Life In The So Called Space Age” in 1998. The band gained more momentum when the single “From Your Mouth” was picked up on radio and MTV. After tours with artists such as No Doubt and Sublime, the band had built a solid name for themselves. They returned to the studio in 2000 to record what would become their third full length album. Soon after, their new record label 1500/Riffage went under, leaving the band homeless once again. Now, in 2004, God Lives Underwater is finally releasing their third album “Up Off The Floor” on Megaforce Records.

Outstanding Tracks: Slip To Fall, History, 72 Hour Hold

Overall Impression:

The album opens with the incredibly catchy “White Noise”, setting up the groove for the rest of the disk. Complete with a poppy electronic backbeat, background vocal samples and some distorted electric guitar, the track hooks you in and leaves you salivating and ready for more. Songs like “Slip To Fall” and “72 Hour Hold” feature gorgeous melodic choruses, while “History” boasts a gritty guitar line and some of the most vivid, image evoking lyrics on the album: “If you think you’ve made history/You’re not as huge as you thought/So pull the safety pins out ‘yer palms/There’s no more room on the cross”. Reilly is a master of delivery, giving his words a strong feel without screaming. While his vocals might not be as in-your-face as many, the cadence and emotion in his voice create a unique force and intensity that is impossible to ignore. The music on “Up Off The Floor” does not have the same dark, heavy, edge that much of the older material did, but it still more than satisfies. The tunes have taken on a lighter feel, but have not lost the edge that makes them attractive. There are still the terrific screechy effects to offset the crunchy guitars as well as some low end lines that will pound through your chest straight to your core. The lyrics are well written and some songs still adhere to the almost story-like format seen on previous releases. The lyrics are easy to understand and contagious to the point of singing along. Packed with rich electronic soundscapes composed of layered synthesizer melodies and loops, “Up Off The Floor” is an undeniably intoxicating album. Do not be alarmed if you find yourself unconsciously moving to the beats.

While it may have taken four years to get the music to the masses, “Up Off The Floor” was more than worth the wait.

Rating: 9/10

Track List:

  1. White Noise
  2. Tricked
  3. 1% (The Long Way Down)
  4. Whatever You’ve Got
  5. No Way (You Must Understand)
  6. Slip To Fall
  7. History
  8. 72 Hour Hold
  9. Miss You More Than Anything
  10. Positivity


Original Date: 2004-00-00
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