Memoirs of David Reilly being written by close friend

[press release]

Since the rise and fall of the band God Lives Underwater, David Reilly developed a lot of friendships with many people along the way. One of them being Brian Paone, a Massachusetts native who discovered GLU in 1995 while listening to a local radio station. In a fateful turn of events, he crossed paths with David Reilly in June of that year, beginning an eventful, and very deep 10 year friendship between the two, transcending beyond the day that David left this world in October 2005….

Knowing how many lives David had touched with his music, Brian has set out to create a memoir, not from the point of view of a fan, but of someone who knew Dave personally. In this novel, he will chronicle many events of their lives that they shared during the high- and the low-points of those 10 years.

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