An Update!

Been a while since any updates on the site but we’re still here!

We’ve just finished updating the template of the main site. This should make it much more friendly to mobile devices of different screen sizes. There may be some broken parts of the site so if you run into anything please let us know.

Here’s some neat things that have been posted in the forums over the last few months.

Live Video of Try

Brian’s ‘Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts’ trailer

New site look

We’re working on updating the look of to something a little more unique and fresh. Currently only the main page is done but the theme should make it’s way down to the sub pages over time.

Note the new section added to the main page “Today in GLU History” here on the main page. This is populated from data in ourTimeLine Database so please let us know if you know of dates we are missing. Thanks!!

New site search feature

A search feature, powered by google, has been added to You can find it in the left hand column of the main page.

This search does not include results from the forum so please use the forum search feature if you’re looking for results there.

Minor Updates

There have been some minor updates to a few different sections of the site. The ‘Tour Dates’ section has had some Providence and Houston dates added. Also the Discography has had some rare items added to it.

Thanks to everyone who has sent feedback with the details that needed updating.

New Image Gallery.. plus few other updates

All the glu images I have are now available in the new Image Gallery. There are some real interesting pieces in there like uotf concept art, original locomotive uotf cover design, etc… If you’ve got images to add to the gallery contact us using the contact form linked on the left column.

The Biography and ariticle archive sections also have a few small updates.