Enjoyglu.com Lives On!

I’ve been working with Pushead of enjoyglu.com to take over maintenance, development and support of the site. (as well as relocate the site to a new server) Some of you will remember my site (the way this looks now) as glu.jag-stang.com.

front_enjoyI have to say a big thanks to Pushead for supporting the GLU community over the last 10 years and wish him well on his new pursuits. I’m really honored he asked me to cary on the name and will be happy to do it.
-Greg (emagicaudio in the forums)

New Guitar Tabs section

If you’ve tried to contact us using the ‘Contact Site’ form over the last few weeks and not got a response we’ve figured out why. Contact mails were being sent to an invalid email address. The form has been corrected and also a subject line has been added to better identify the mails.

Thanks again for everyone’s input! You can contact us about site matters HERE.

GLU Archive 1 year old

I can’t believe a year has already past since I started up this glu archive site. It’s been a good year which finally saw the release of ‘Up Off The Floor’. Thanks to everyone who has sent in notes and info to add to the archive. All the tour dates, lyrics and article information really helps out.

Not a whole lot to report on the GLU news front. It looks like Locomotive Records is taking no action whatsoever to fix the badly mastered (or production plant error) release of ‘Up Off The Floor’. Our only hope is that the album sells well enough in its current state so another batch of CDs will need to be pressed… and the problem may get fixed then. But that’s pure speculation.

Here’s to success for David and Jeff in 2005. Cheers!