David Reilly – How Humans R(x)

David Reilly Halo

At the time of David’s passing he had amassed a collection of fantastic new songs.  If you had been following on his myspace page you will remember how creative a period he had. Releasing new demos with great regularity. He had completed a good portion of an album that would be titled ‘How Humans R(x)’.

His family and friends took on the process of releasing the album in 2010. Physical copies quickly sold out and can rarely be found used today. Most digital streaming sites have the album on streaming. The history of this process was kept updated in this forum post.

Tracklisting below:

How Humans R(x) album cover

Album: David Reilly - How Humans R(x)

  1. My 'Till Tomorrow
  2. Brokenhearted
  3. Just A Clear Mind
  4. Crazier Than Me
  5. Here We Go Now
  6. Final Frontier
  7. Please Come Back
  8. Love My Way
  9. Take Good Care
  10. Saying Goodbye
  11. Love Will Complicate