Cash... and Death

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Cash... and Death

Post by splattered »

This is like one of those freeipod sites, except you dont get an ipod.. you just get $$$

A lot of offers dont even require a credit card and most are free...

For every friend you refer you get $1

Everyone should follow my link and sign up for the site, even if you dont do anything with it!

I would seriously appreciate it!!!

It would help with a baby on the way, too. Indeed.

Im also about to head in for a Hernia Operation tomorrow...

Pray i dont expire! hehe

PS... i just looked, and they frickin gave me 5 bucks just for signing up for the site!

Who wouldnt want 5 bucks just for signing up?


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Christ of the Abyss
Christ of the Abyss
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Post by silvercrank »

will i get spam????

oh good luck with the operation!!

Final Frontier
Final Frontier
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Post by draven »

I tried before with netbux or something like that but that site doesn't work anymore.... From what I hear its all true but its hard to get people to join bmg music and other things.....

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