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I Lost My Whole Collection, Plz Help!

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:18 pm
by stuckonthefloor
I'm posting here out of sheer desperation in hopes that a fellow collector can help me... Lately I've been having some health related issues, and while I was pretty much confined to the bed for recovery my toddler got into my collection of music discs and misplaced and/or broke my entire GLU and David Reilly collection. Naturally, I am freaking out... I had high quality copies Up Off The Floor as well as hq copies of David's solo work, as well as demo copies of them as well... I had almost everything ever posted to the old FTP, and now I can't find the remaining discs anywhere. With the FTP now closed, I just don't know what to do... I hope more than anything that I haven't lost this music forever. It was priceless to me.

I'm posting in hopes that someone here, somewhere sees this and would be so kind as to burn copies of it all to disc or can help me reacquire them somehow. At this particular point in my life with all that I'm going through health wise, I'm feeling GLU and David Reilly especially strongly. Please, anyone... If you can help me, please message me back here. This music was priceless to me, and not having it anymore is a massive loss. I'm crushed. :cry: