reviews of the book so far

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reviews of the book so far

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here are the reviews that I have "compiled" about the book so far:

“I wanted to make sure that everyone…friends and family alike has the opportunity to purchase “David Reilly Memoirs”. This is a beautiful work telling the last 10+ years of David’s life from the perspective of his close friend Brian “Rocky” Paone. Rocky is a wonderful man that was nothing but a good influence on David. These are tales of the “Rock Star David” as well as “David the Friend”. This is a keepsake for generations to come. Help us get the word out and let David’s friends know that there is a beautiful book depicting a “Beautiful David”…” – Gretchen Reilly Runner, David’s sister

“I've only just finished the first chapter but I want to compliment you Brian on how well written this is! You're story telling is great. You description of the 90s and the bands back then really takes me back. Great job and thanks for sharing the stories with everyone. If any of you guys don't have the book yet you really should get it!”

“I am nearly finished, and it is pretty excellent. I have to admit, I was a bit worried, but I am now thoroughly impressed. Good job Brian…”

“After I had just read the Anthony Kiedis bio (full of sex, drugs & Flea) page after page, chapter after chapter, the shockingness of it all started to wear down and eventually get hella-boring. So this new book 'Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts' was a breathe of fresh air! It wasn't a bio with a lot of dirt but it was sweet and a good read! If anyone didn't get the book yet I would strongly recommend it.”

“You couldn't have done a better service to his memory than what you put together over the last 2 years. Your book explained his music to me from a completely new perspective. It's a shame that he died so young and even more that it happened when he had finally turned it all around. It really feels like he was stolen away. Reading your book has given me a feeling of closure and I can't thank you enough for giving me that. Thank you for writing this book.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the book yesterday. I also started it, and it's such a page-turner!! Fantastic work!”

“The beautifully written memoir, Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts, describes the blossoming friendship between the intertwined souls of David Reilly and Brian Paone. This extremely moving account also reveals David’s everyday/human side for his fans to relate to. It is a must-read for anyone who appreciates David’s music and legacy.”

“Excellent Job, sir! You have every right to be proud of your accomplishment. It's a fantastic book, and I think you have taken a lot of fans into a world that we never saw. I really liked your 'firsthand only' approach. That's very honest.”

“This is a book I could not put down. As someone who has friends in the music industry, I can tell you that from the fan's perspective, Brian's book is as close to the "real thing" as you're going to get. Far past where you are a fan and become a friend, the music part almost becomes secondary to the person producing it. Brian's book is a MUST HAVE for not only tried and true GLU fans (of which I am one) but also the process a fan only dreams about - from becoming a fan to becoming truly part of that musicians' life.”

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