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Signed by David

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:31 pm
by Bleek320320
So I may be loosing my house...this answers the why I'm offering this. Now the what. I have a signed David Reilly poster from the Life in the So-Called Space Age. Scott also signed it. The matching full poster picture of David and Jeff sitting on this creepy chair with the full concert fold out. Signed drum stick by Scott, Long sleeve shirt with the Aqua "God Lives Underwater" on the left front-top side and the Aqua Mantis on the right sleeve size large. I know there are many different versions out there but I cherish this one as David personally gave it to me. Think I also have a signed ticket stub by David also. if you really think you must have any or all of these items. Got to be honest, don’t want to give them up, but need money pretty bad. Don’t want to rip a fan off, but at the same time maybe someone else will enjoy these as much as I have.