Guitar Tab: 1 Ft In The Grave

"1 Ft. in the grave" from the david reilly solo EP "Inside"
tabbed by J Plaster

There really isn't much guitar in this song, mostly synth and programmed
drums except for the little guitar line played in later verses and then
the chorus guitar parts

E |----------0-----------|-
B |-------7-----7--------|-
G |----8-----------8-----|-
D |-8--------------------|-
A |----------------------|-
E |----------------------|-
this little part is played during the second verse here and there

E |-0-----3-----2-----0-------
B |-0-----3-----3-----2-------
G |-1-----0-----2-----2-------
D |-2-----0-----0-----2-------
A |-2-----2-----0-----0-------
E |-0-----3-------------------

these are the chords for the chorus, they are strummed, I was too lazy to
write them to the rhythm, just listen to the song for the strumming and
changes. that's it, pretty simple little song