Lyrics: The 7 EP – Take Good Care

Artist: Fluzee (David Reilly)
Album: The 7 EP
Song: Take Good Care
Track: 3

I hope you finally feel at home up there
I know when you arrived 
You were unaware
You tried to stay here
All of life had stopped between 6 and 8
I can't be late for my own goodbye
I stay alive 

I get the feeling that you're ok
But I have to say 
Take good care of my baby
Take good care of my baby
If you care could you try again to contact me
And say everything will be alright
Everything will be alright

It's a miracle I got most clean
Some still resides inside of me
Since you passed away I had to prove
To no one else not to you, not to you


Now people say that I'm doing great
That I'm so strong
I can't relate 
I guess the worst of it is far behind
so far behind, still close to mind, close to mine


(written by Reilly/Kary)